Mi.Mu Kickstarter Campaign!

April 8th 2014

Your opportunity to become a part of The Gloves Project by supporting us through our…

Slip into something more technological

December 4th 2013

Imogen writes about the future of devices in this Wired Magazine article.

Breakout Board for NIME

April 12th 2014, Hardware

Everything that needs to be done in time for NIME!!!

Stretch and Hybrid PCBs

January 15th 2014, Research

Hybrid PCBs Rigid flex PCB Stretch PCBs STELLA Project >> http://www.izm.fraunhofer.de/en/abteilungen/system_integrationinterconnectiontechnologies/arbeitsgebiete/system-in-packagebysubstrateintegration/stretchable-electronics.html

Goves knit from one piece?

January 15th 2014, Research

What if we could 3D knit the gloves so that they are one piece of…

Data Gloves Overview

January 8th 2014, Research

The following collection of data glove projects, includes commercially available data gloves as well as…

Flex Breakout Board

December 24th 2013,

The breakout board acts as a mediator between the hard electronics of the x-OSC and…

Power Solution for x-OSC Gloves

December 13th 2013, Research

PowerStick “It has on-board power switch and battery level indicator; very useful for performance checks….

Pull-up Resistor Values

December 13th 2013,

Figuring out the best value pull-up resistor for both the flex sensors and the e-textile…

Rachel’s Forchette Glove V2!

December 2nd 2013,

Photos Video

First Glove Performance

October 23rd 2013, Gloves Residency

Looking for an Interface to play my “Roomsynthesizer” in Max MSP, which is a Synthesizer…

Sjoerd’s Glove

October 23rd 2013, People's Gloves

Sjoerd van der Sanden has built himself his own ArduIMU Glove! Instead of using Glover…

Dirk’s first Wireless Session with Gloves

October 11th 2013, Gloves Residency

Dirk Handreke is using The Gloves to perform his own composition. Here a recording from…

Materials Gathering and Costing

October 3rd 2013, Research

In preparation for Kickstarter this post collects materials info and costing for the materials we…