New MiMu Website Structure - Brainstorm

November 2nd 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Glove Versions

September 7th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

A pair of gloves for musician Imogen Heap, this post lists the various glove versions…

Bend Sensor Resistance Ranges

September 5th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Measurements taken on left hand of MiMu NIME glove, once with (bad) polyester sensors and…

Carrier Board Error

September 4th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

OUTX numbers in reverse order!

August Gloves Docu

August 27th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Bend Sensor Assemblies New neoprene solution: Button Assemblies Carrier Boards Motor Boards LED Boards

Gloves Version Tracking

May 1st 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

An attempt to catalog all the various glove versions we have made so far!

Last Preparation Before Berlin

January 24th 2013, Seb Madgwick

The sparkfun order arrived today so Tom, Kelly and I spent some time finishing of…

Everyone In My lab

January 13th 2013, Seb Madgwick

The whole team met in my lab today to prepare to for the CTD workshop. …


December 24th 2012, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Bill of Materials Sparkfun wishlist >> ArduIMU Version: ArduIMU >> or >>…


December 23rd 2012, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Brainstorming ideas for the ArduIMU Gloves