You will need a range of tools to complete this project. Most of them are common tools with sewing and electronics disciplines.

Tools Summary

- Sewing Machine (for sewing stretch fabric and neoprene)
- Scissors (for cutting fabric and paper)
- Fabric Markers (for tracing patterns and circuits to fabric)
- Pliers (for removing bend sensor casing)
- Wire Cutters (for cutting wire)
- Wire Strippers (for stripping isolation)
- Multimeter
- Iron (for ironing-on fusible interfacing)
- Soldering Iron (for soldering wires to snaps and circuit boards)
- Tweezers (for holding wires when soldering)
- Hot Glue Gun (for sticking JST socket to neoprene)
- Snap Tool (for pressing snaps on fabric and neoprene)
- …

Good Scissors

Fiskars sell a good selection >>

Fabric Marker

Non-permanent >>

Sewing Machine and Sewing Supplies

Because for this project you will be sewing stretch fabrics and thick neoprene not every sewing machine will work. The best way to know, is really just to try. Make sure you are using the right needle (I have found that jersey needles work well for both the stretch fabrics and the neoprene).
If you don’t have a sewing machine of your own, the Naehinstitut in Berlin has a great setup and you pay 8Euro/hour to use any of the machines they have, and a little bit more if you need to professional help cutting patterns and using the machines.
Naehinstitut (Berlin) >>

Iron and Board

You will find these at a local home appliance store. But probably you can also use one that you already have or borrow one from next door.

Snap Press

You can get snaps and snap presses locally, but normally they are for bigger diameter snaps. Plug and wear sells both 7mm snap presses and snaps.
Plug and Wear (Italy) >>,100&product_id=161

Soldering Station

I like the brand Weller.
Conrad (DE) >>

Wire Clippers and Strippers

Sparkfun (USA) >>

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