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A pair of gloves for musician Imogen Heap, this post lists the various glove versions that have been created. The list is in order of creation - oldest first, newest last.


>> MiMu website
>> The Gloves Project blog
>> Kickstarter page
>> Imogen’s Glove Page
>> Seb’s Glove GitHub
>> Hannah’s Glove Photos

The x-IMU Gloves

This first pair of customized gloves uses custom made version of the x-IMU. Each glove has one x-IMU, 8 bend sensors, an RGB LED and vibration motor.

DIY ArduIMU Gloves

An Open Hardware pair of datagloves that capture movement and gestures of the hand using the ArduIMU and bend sensors. The gloves can be connected with an FTDI cable or wirelessly using a Bluetooth module. The gloves also include an RGB LED light and a vibration motor for visual and haptic feedback.

These gloves are made from off-the-shelf parts and documented in these step-by-step instructions.

Video of DIY Gloves in use at The Gloves Workshop:

E-Textile Gloves

This is a version of The Gloves that uses conductive and piezoresistive fabrics to capture movement and gestures of the hand in an attempt to build a fully fabric data glove.

MiMu Gloves

Also known as the NIME gloves. Three pairs of this version of the glove were produced in preparation for Imogen’s NIME performance.

Collaborator Gloves

This version of the MiMu data gloves for composing and performing electronic music are in production for a small group of collaborators who continued to support us after our Kickstarter campaign.

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  1. Jason on October 14th, 2014

    I’d like to see some more software integration, maybe some Unity tests to work in Oculus VR space and see how this technology can help navigate virtual reality? good luck guys, I like your improved nintendo glove!

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