Dave’s Gloves in Progress

October 31st 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Dave Casey is building himslef not only a pair of DIY ArduIMU gloves, but also…

Joe Bower’s Glove

October 30th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Joe Bower’s version of the DIY ArduIMU glove!

Data Gloves Overview

October 30th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

The following collection of data gloves tries to give a diverse overview and includes commercially…

IMU and Wireless Overview

October 27th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

This post tries to collect an overview of Inertial Measurement Unit devices and Wireless Modules…

Hardware Assembiles

October 26th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

This post seeks to define the parts, materials and techniques for producing the following hardware…

Plotted Flex AA Battery Holder

October 25th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

This is a 3 x AA battery holder assembled from off-the-shelf single AA battery holders…

Progress on Collaborator glove testing

October 25th 2014, Kelly Snook

Various members of the team are busy testing the gloves as the technologies and designs…

Update from Mi.Mu

October 23rd 2014, Kelly Snook

View this email in your browser Hello gLovers! This update has been a long time…

Sjoerd and Seb Work on an ArduIMU DIY Glove

October 20th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Seb Madgwick recently visited Berlin and met up with Sjoerd who built his own DIY…

3D Prints of Directions One and Two

October 16th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

3D prints of Alaina’s 3xAA battery cases printed on Ultimaker.

The DIY Gloves at Wear It Festival in Berlin

October 14th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

The DIY Gloves were on show at the Wear It Festival in Berlin! Two of…

3 AA Printed Case: 2 Rough Models

October 5th 2014, Alaina

3 AA Printed Case: 2 Rough Models Direction One- Front Slide   Direction Two- Updated…