Progress on Collaborator glove testing

Various members of the team are busy testing the gloves as the technologies and designs rapidly advance.

Kelly has this week upgraded her right glove from an earlier “August glove” design (based around v1.0 of the carrier pcb) to a version more closely resembling the final Collaborator design (this one based on v1.1 of the carrier pcb).

PCB versions 1.0 and 1.1

Her (slightly mismatched) pair of development gloves now looks like this:

Mi.Mu Glove

Mi.Mu Glove

The new board has a number of improvements over the old one, including an on-off switch for the glove and connectors (vs previous through-hole solder points) for the two vibration motors, LEDs (now a neo-pixel strip instead of a single LED) and button. Kelly created an adaptor to be able to use the August bend sensor assembly with the new PCB, contributing to quite a bit of extra bulk that will not be there in the final gloves:

Bend Sensor Assembly adapter

Excess adapter cabling

The “upgrade” to the new carrier board also has implications for the x-OSC settings. These settings are modified via web browser. If the x-OSC is in ad hoc mode and visible to the computer, the x-OSC is selected in the network preferences and its settings are editable by typing into the URL bar as shown below:

Connecting to x-OSC in ad hoc mode

the light on the x-OSC shines solid blue:

x-OSC indicating connection in adhoc mode

It is then possible to edit the x-OSC settings in any web browser as described above at  Note:  when making changes, try to make all changes before clicking the save button at the bottom or hitting the return key.  

Mi.Mu Gloves x-OSC settings ad hoc mode - Network and OSC

For the August design, the settings look like this:

Mi.Mu Gloves v1.0 x-OSC settings - InputsMi.Mu Gloves v1.0 x-OSC settings - Outputs and Serial

For the new Collaborator design, the settings now look like this (the button has moved and the outputs have changed):

Mi.Mu Gloves v1.1 x-OSC settings - Inputs Mi.Mu Gloves v1.1 x-OSC settings - Outputs and Serial

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