Plotted Flex AA Battery Holder

This is a 3 x AA battery holder assembled from off-the-shelf single AA battery holders and a flexible circuit cut from copper tape and Kapton film.


Photos >>
Plotted Flex PCB >>


Back and front:

Materials & Parts

Single AA Battery Holder

Dimensions: 57 mm x 18 mm x 14 mm
Connection type: solder lugs

Maplins AA >>
Maplins AAA >>
Conrad AA >>

Copper Tape

Copper adhesive sheets >>

Kapton Film

Kapton sheet material (SYNFLEX PI Film-SV2, 0.175mm thick) >>

Kapton Tape

Kapton tape >>

Shrink Tube with Hot-Melt Adhesive


JST Connector with Wire

13cm long wires >>
10cm long wires >>
15.24cm long wires >>

Battery Holders…

3 x AA battery holders:




Soldered connections:


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