Buckling of Bend Sensors in Fabric Tubes

November 11th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

The bend sensors are not able to move as freely in their tubes and so…

Berlin Cuff Production

September 5th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Rachel and Sam came to Berlin for three days of finalizing and making the battery…

Lasercutting at Lime Warf’s Machines Room

August 6th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

We lasercut the glove pattern at Lime Warf in preparation for producing our Collaborator gloves!

Ring Button

August 6th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Imogen says she prefers the larger button which has a housing of about 11.5 x…

Mi.Mu Glove Feedback

May 13th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Towards improvements for next version…

3 Pairs of NIME Gloves!!!

May 1st 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Rachel, Seb and Hannah come together in London for a long weekend of gloves making!…

DIY E-textile flex sensor

January 24th 2014, Maurin

Make DIY E-textile flex sensor combining resistive materials like velostat or Eeonyx fabric and conductive…

Rachel’s Forchette Glove V2!

December 2nd 2013, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Photos Video

Rachel’s Fourchette Glove!

October 2nd 2013, Hannah Perner-Wilson

“Mega-Gluvs” V1

August 9th 2013, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Documentation of maga-gloves creation with Rachel Freire!

Another Pair of Gluvs

June 28th 2013, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Wishlist for next iteration on x-OSC glove. Depending on outcome of E-Textile vs Bend Sensor…

ArduIMU Version

January 1st 2013, Hannah Perner-Wilson

An Open Hardware pair of datagloves that capture movement and gestures of the hand using…

Glove Designs

November 20th 2012, Hannah Perner-Wilson

A collection of all the different glove designs.