Mi.Mu Glove Feedback

Towards improvements for next version…

Adam’s feedback:

- battery connector comes out when doing drum beats

Imogen’s feedback:

- Right hand glove has a couple of holes in the next. I half wonder whether it is because Kelly wore the right-hand glove for a little bit over the weekend and my fingers/hands are a little bit thinner. But perhaps also just coincidence.
- Here on the left hand you can see the glue has come unstuck where battery is.
- No chance to test buzzers yet… Light placement is not as visible as performance pair as it’s inset a little.
photo 2

Kelly’s feedback:

Things that are much improved and work well:
- the snaps on the wristband are really good. they’re easier to open and close and the three sets make it easy to find a good setting.
- it’s great to have the purple and black wristbands to make them easy to tell apart
- it’s very cool that the wristband can detach from the gloves so easily - that will be useful!
- they feel mega robust - especially the connector for the battery when pulling out and putting in for charging and the bits between the fingers feel like they will never break! Such a finished, professional look!
- the switch and battery meter are very very nice
- the palm finishing is perfect and gorgeous

Things that might need work:
- the new recessed LED looks good, but actually cuts way down on its visibility from audience and musician’s viewing angles.
- the neoprene material leading down to the LED could be shorter and less bulky, and possibly thinner (?)
- i’m afraid the choice of material and the extra finishing might be sacrificing comfort for beauty. while they look impossibly cool, they don’t feel as light and second-skin-like as the aubergine ones (so far the holy grail of comfort). here are some of the little comfort-related things we noticed yesterday:
* the finish on the ends of the fingers gets in the way of movement, especially when playing an instrument or typing
* the new bend sensor connectors on the tops of the fingers combined with the additional tightness and reduced stretchiness means that those hard bits dig into the tops of the fingers (if you’ve got big fingers, which many of our male collaborators might). i’ve attached a (somewhat gnarly-looking, sorry!) photo of my fingers after wearing them for about an hour. painful! i wouldn’t be able to wear these for very long without having to take them off for relief
* the little thread knots between the bend sensors and the skin also dig in and feel scratchy
* the material between the fingers has a lot of friction - could we use something silkier for that?

- Can we make the design so that the bend sensors are easy to put in and take out (and flip over) inside their sleeves? i’m using the bend sensors upside down, which doesn’t lead to excellent results - if i could just flip them over when doubling up the gloves, i’d get better readings

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