3 AA Printed Case: Third Round Sketching

3 AA Printed Case: Third Round Sketching

The third round of sketching reconsidered the entry of the battery into the enclosure. The Second Round Sketching explored open top, tube-like structures. With further discussion and consideration, this method seemed problematic. Moving parts and awkward angles prompted a return to an open face, like those seen in the Initial Exploration.

Three directions and their respective electric connections were examined.

The first direction is a single case that could be attached in two different ways.


The electrical connections must be adjusted from the usual pattern. When the battery is inserted, the negative end must push into the enclosed wall.summer14_mi.mu_doubleAbattery_thirdround_013


The second direction is an update of the traditional “flat” attachment with the standard wire layout.


The electrical connections are the traditional orientation in the second direction.


The third direction was clearly not ideal, as there are two parts. With movement and added bulk, it wasn’t worth the further development.


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