3 AA Printed Case: Initial Exploration

The post discusses the  initial exploration of 3 AA battery case.


Primary Goals

3 x AA batteries, later decrease to 3 x AAA batteries

battery leads in same position as current version, tentatively plan on cable cover

commercial contacts to be used

wrist curvature and sizing considered

big focus on how it connects to the cuff

easy open/close ability

near future: logo placement, on/off switch, visuals of remaining battery power, build cost



I focused on the connection of the battery enclosure to the cuff. To my understanding, if we can tentatively establish how it attaches to the textile cuff, the details (bulk, curvature, closure) will follow.


Form Prompts

resized mesh pouch

“tie clip” to cuff

neoprene sandwich

metal snaps

D-ring with wrapped wrist

ring or loop underneath

battery pack replaces snaps


Three Promising Directions





Team Feedback Synopsis

01- The pouch seems most in line with the current design. How will this wear with the larger dimensions of the AA batteries? Let’s print something up!
02- The strap would cause wider implications for a cuff redesign.. and time is limited
03- The rivets are viable, though it would involve the plastic being strong enough to have holes at the corners. How do we secure it? Will strength be an issue?

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