Prototype x-OSC Gloves Video

August 31st 2013, Seb Madgwick

It was done together with Sean Bradford. The Gloves were controlling a track composed by…

Glover App: feature suggestions

August 17th 2013, Rui

small things to help making the setup an easier process. glove settings tab: - showing…

Velcro strap to hold USB cable

August 17th 2013, Rui

Finally playing with the gloves and putting some ideas together Small suggestion: To avoid causing…

Glove Tests

August 16th 2013, Christoph Mann

We have a pair of gloves at the Studio for Electronic Music in Dresden. Now…

Glove Ball Demos

August 16th 2013, Christoph Mann

We built a visual synth based on Rob Ramirez MaxMSP jit.phys Tutorial: The balls bounce…

“Mega-Gluvs” V1

August 9th 2013, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Documentation of maga-gloves creation with Rachel Freire!