Project presented at the Gloves Workshop

It was done together with Sean Bradford.

The Gloves were controlling a track composed by Sean (running on his computer with Ableton Live), triggering clips and adjusting their volume with specific gestures. He sung live on top of the clips playing in Ableton Live.
They were also controlling a simple animation done with Processing and running on my computer, projected behind Sean. The animation consists of a dot, which is controlled like this:
Left hand //
Closing it makes it disappear. Closing it again makes the dot appear.
X-axis and Y-axis movement correspond the movement of the left hand/arm (considering that the projection is happening behind Sean).
Rotating the hand makes the dot’s color change, sending the same color to the Gloves LEDs (however, this communication from Processing to the Gloves is a bit buggy in our project)
Right hand //
gradually opening or closing it changes the diameter of the dot.

The values sent from the Gloves to the connected computer were transmitted to the 2nd computer over Wifi using the “GloveWifiXmit” Max Patch.

here’s the processing code:
Sean + Rui Gloves Workshop Project (Feb 1, 2013)

I’ll post a video of it soon :)

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  1. Rui Miguel on August 22nd, 2013

    Here’s the video:

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