xOSC Gloves

A pair of gloves using a new i/o board called xOSC developed by Tom and Seb called xOSC which has 16 inputs and 16 outputs and uses Wifi as wireless technology. However the xOSC has no on-board IMU sensors, so we need to add an additional IMU module, the x-BIMU.


- maintain access to xBIMU USB socket for charging?
- magnetometer as far away from circuitry as possible and fixed position if in proximity to xOSC
- giver user magnetic calibration tools (1/2 hour to calibrate)
- don’t use all analog inputs and digital outputs, keep serial connections free
- no multiplexing on xOSC, too much data back and forth with changing pin states
- no internal pull-up resistors for analog inputs (yes for digital)
- add resistors for RGB LED
- …

xOSC Glove V6

Using Eeontex fabric for sensing and flex breakout circuit for xOSC and xBIMU.


Fronts and backs:


Specialised headers for x-OSC:
x-OSC SMD Header
SMD low-profile male header; Part number: TSM-118-04-F-SV. Sample from Toby Electronics.

xOSC and xBIMU:

Flex circuit layout:

Sewn connection layout:


Adam & Kelly’s Processing Sketch

Record something like 100 of each posture (in different text files) for the following 8 postures using the e-textile sensors:
- fist
- puppet hand
- one finger point
- two finger point
- three finger point
- open hand
- thumbs up
- secret finger

Logged Data Files >> https://github.com/plusea/CODE/tree/master/PROJECT%20CODE/Gloves/AdamKelly-glove-data-analysis/data/txt

xOSC Glove V5

Using Eeontex fabric for sensing and solderable conductive thread for traces.
>> http://www.ceiarteuntref.edu.ar/wearable_absence

xOSC Glove V4



xOSC Glove V3

Arduino and ArduIMU prototyping setup for reading sensor values:

Sewn hard/soft connections:

Back and front:

Squishing of Eeontex fabric is what senses:


Video of glove with Glover:

Video of glove with Processing sketch:
yellow = open hand
orange = puppet hand (also triggers with middle finger point)
green = one finger point
blue = two finger point
purple = fist
pink = tight fist

xOSC Glove V2

Three fingers:
1) Eeontex LTT SLPA MM 1-58B (full finger)
2) Eeontex LR SLPA MM-1-54 (stripe)
3) Eeontex LR SLPA MM-1-54 (full finger)

Full hand:
1) Eeontex LR SLPA MM-1-54 (contacts between fingers)
2) Eeontex LR SLPA MM-1-54 (contacts either side of knuckle)


xOSC Glove V1

Relaxed, stretched:



Seb’s circuit sketch

x-OSC Gloves Wiring

xOSC and xBIMU

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  1. nad on March 5th, 2013

    What is the reason that you still cut off the small finger pocket if there are now 15 inputs available for the bend sensors?

  2. Hannah Perner-Wilson on March 5th, 2013

    For the xOSC gloves i would like to explore the use of textile sensors instead of the commercial bend sensors. And also place sensors in different places, possibly on the palm and inner fingers of the hand.

  3. Christoph Mann on March 19th, 2013

    So you would not recommend sticking to the ArduIMU - Implementation?
    Any impressions in about the possible improvements?

  4. Hannah Perner-Wilson on March 29th, 2013

    As of yet we don’t have a working pair of xOSC gloves so i can’t say. but in general each different pair of gloves we are making has it’s pros and cons, mostly in terms of: number of sensors, IMU accuracy, cost and how easy it is to get a hold of the hardware.

  5. Christoph Mann on March 31st, 2013

    Getting rid of Bluetooth would be really great, any ETA on this one?

  6. Christoph Mann on May 18th, 2013

    Looks like good progress here… I think as soon as you get this to work, i would start making one myself. Ever considered kickstarter for this?

  7. […] the project is all about wifi. Specifically I’ll be working with the team developing these: http://theglovesproject.com/xosc-gloves/ in order to find a way to make the wifi link to the gloves as reliable as […]

  8. Paul Adam on April 16th, 2014


    this looks really intersting good luck with your new gloves, just wondering are you planning to develop a glove to use with VR tech such as occulus rift or any other independent VR set ups ?
    This product would go hand in hand excuse the pun! :D

  9. Debbie Aiken on June 23rd, 2014

    I was browsing through and your glove is the idea I need for my invention….

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