VVVV Bridge

During the Schmiede Festival in Austria, I sat down with Daniel Huber who built a VVVV patch that parses the incoming Serial data from the ArduIMU gloves that are programmed to send a comma seperated list of sensor values, rather than the format of sensor data that Glover expects.

Serial data:

F = flex sensor data for 6 sensors
S = IMU sensor data (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer)
Q = quaternion

Daniel’s vvvv Patch >> https://github.com/plusea/CODE/tree/master/PROJECT%20CODE/Gloves/ArduIMU%20Gloves/vvvv%20bridge
Arduino Sketch >> https://github.com/plusea/CODE/tree/master/PROJECT%20CODE/Gloves/ArduIMU%20Gloves/Schmiede2014/ArduIMU_DataDirect


Currently Glover only runs on OSX and VVVV only runs on Windows. But, if you do want to use VVVV to read Glover’s calibrated and gesture-recognized OSC messages, this should be possible very soon with the new version of Glover!

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