Two Gloves and A Router

Connecting two xOSC gloves via a router to Glover….


Configure Router

plug in LAN, usb power
open browser type IP
login: admin
password: admin

Give Router Name

in the left menu go to the “Wireless” settings
change SSID name to something gloves related, like: “HannahsGloves”
click “Apply changes”

Setup xOSC

power up xOSC
connect computer to xOSC
load xOSC website by going to >>

Network Settings

network type = infrastructure
security = open
change SSID name to: “HannahsGloves”
DHCP = tick

OSC Settings

remote IP:
ports: 8111, 9111 (for left)
ports: 8222, 9222 (for right)

Input & Output Settings

Serial Settings

bauderate 115200
buffer size: 32
timeout/ms: 5
framing byte: -1

Click: “save to xOSC”


repeat for second xOSC, all the same settings except:
ports for left glove: 8111, 9111
ports for right glove: 8222, 9222

Computer’s Network Settings

change computer’s static IP address to:

Connect xOSCs via Router to Glover

Plug in router via LAN cable and power via USB

Unplug xOSC from battery and re-power (I found it otherwise no longer connected)
xOSC should now connect

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