Software Tools for the Workshop

I’ve been working away the last few days on stuff for the workshop and explaining bits and bobs of what I’ve been doing to various people but I thought I’d be a bit more comprehensive about what I’ve been doing…. [NOTE: if you don’t have a bitbucket account yet, create one and then tell me and I’ll add you to the repositories so you can get the software].

1. Glove Simulator

For people like myself, who often find themselves without a pair of gloves to hand, and need to do a bit of programming/mapping/testing. This is implemented in Max and allows you to send all the messages that Glover does, but just by moving sliders with a nice(ish..) interface. It has its own repository here:

2. OSC2MIDI Max Patch

For people who just want to put on the Gloves and be able to use them with Ableton (without hacking together their own patch in Max/SuperCollider/PD), I have built a very simple mapping interface. It routes all OSC messages to MIDI messages, and gives the user mute and solo controls so they can do (simple) MIDI mapping. This should help the attendees of the workshop who don’t want to write their own software and want to get straight down to making music. It is in the bridges repository:

in the Max folder, and it is called “The Gloves - OSC2MIDI.maxpat”

3. Interactive Programming Environment Bridges

Some people will want to hack together their own software, and so I have been working on developing slick interfaces into as many of these environments as I can think of. I figure the more we make the gloves compatible with different platforms, the more varied and exciting the potential things people will be able do with them. So far I have made “bridges” to the following platforms:


however I still need to update Reaktor, SuperCollider and OpenFrameworks bridges to account for the new OSC messages in Glover. I need to tidy up the openFrameworks example also. These bridges are in:

I am also considering/behind on/failing at implementing bridges for:

PureData [this one is urgent for the workshop, Kelly has a start on this]

Ok! That is all. Let me know if there are any questions.



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