Replacing Polyester for Polyimide Sensors

Replacing all 16 Flexpoint polyester laminate bend sensors for polyimide laminate sensors.

Polyester vs. Polyimide:

Flexpoint Sensor Tests (polyester vs. polyimide):

Comparing older vs. newer polyimide sensors:
Imogen’s right hand Mi.Mu glove has new polyimide sensors in it (black).
Imogen’s left hand Mi.Mu glove has used polyimide sensors from a pair of ArduIMU gloves in it (red).

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  1. Nevtep on August 29th, 2014

    I’m sorry but it’s imposible to understand the conclusions by just looking at the pictures, could you add some description of the conclusion? the graphs are different ok, but which one is more accurate? what where you doing to get those mesures?


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