Materials Gathering and Costing

In preparation for Kickstarter this post collects materials info and costing for the materials we plan to use.



Flex PCB


Gloves Fabrics & Threads

Conductive Threads

Elitex SC (skin contact) from IMBUT:
Art. Nr. ELITEX® SC 110/f34_PA/Ag -> 5,50 € / 100 meters
Art. Nr. ELITEX® SC 110/f34/2ply_PA/Ag -> 4,65 € / 100 meters
Art. Nr. ELITEX® SC 235/f34_PA/Ag -> 7,10 € / 100 meters
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Sensor Fabrics/Materials

Eeontex piezoresistive sensor fabric:
- no data on the batch we are currently using. they do not disclose the fabric material used as this is a trade secret. but they can say that LR is not a Eurojersey fabric.
- washability, abrasion and durability all depend on the specification provided in advance of production. theses features can be engineered into a product to a greater or lesser extent, but the efficacy will vary depending on actual use, and actual wear and tear.
- they say their LTT fabric is the best choice for our particular need.
- pricing will depend on the final product and the required added features such as abrasion coating, water repellency coating, fire retardency coating, etc. they need specifications to provide actual quotation, but an estimate is between 75 and $100 per meter.
- one batch of material requires a minimum of 10-14 square meters to be processed.
- they can tune the conductivity and resistivity to a desired target.
- besides fabric they also produce a nylon yarn, but it is 600k ohms per square.

Conductive Fabrics

Shieldex silverized lycra conductive fabric -> 32 USD / lin.ft
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Stretch Fabrics



Sewing Thread


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