First Glove Performance

Looking for an Interface to play my “Roomsynthesizer” in Max MSP, which is a Synthesizer which makes the modes of the room playable, I  got to know Hannah Perner-Wilson and the Glove Project.

The Composition is for the “Roomsynthesizer” and Sopransaxophon. Thus for the Performance it´s both important for me to interact with my accompanying musicians and with the room as a body of resonance. Due to the wireless connection I could freely move and communicate. The data of the X-Axis I used for stereo panning. With the Y-Axis I controlled Cutoff Frequency, Release, ADSR ( Filter Envelope ), Filter Attack, Filter Decay as well as the amplitude of various oscillators. With the MIDI-Controller which you can see on the picture I was able to switch the controlls of each ON and OFF.  SIM_9580

It took time till I get how to move with the glove, ´cause in the beginning I focused on using all the possibilities of the glove. But I recognised that than more complex the handling is than more I had to train to make my Performance expressive. In my case I only used the Data of the Gyroscope because here audiovisual correlation is the most obvious.

Till now just a couple a pics and the MAX MSP Patcher of the Performance.


Video and Sound Recordings are coming soon.


doomjam2_snippet (recording of a rehearsal, using a reverb of a Impuls Respond)


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