E-Textile Glove Update from Schmiede

At the Schmiede Festival in Austria together with Maurin Donneaud I worked on a new e-textile version of the glove which is based on a conductive striped zebra fabric produced by HiTek coated in piezoresistive carbon polymer by Eeonyx.

Front and back of final first design:


Hard-soft connections between conductive fabric strip and PCB strip-board made with conductive thread:

Snap connection between glove and wrist-band:

Sewing the glove:

Before and after adding seam connections between conductive zebra strips:

Starting materials:
- Zebra Fabric: conductive and non-conductive strips (manufactured by HiTek)
- Eeonyx Coated Zebra Fabric: HiTek Zebra Fabric coated with EeeonTex secret piezoresistive carbon polymer formula (done by Eeonyx) - would be great to get a Zebra Zebra version!

Fake “Zebra Zebra” version made by sewing together strips of Zebra Fabric and Eeonyx Coated Zebra Fabric

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