Breakout Board for NIME

Everything that needs to be done in time for NIME!!!

Have ready to meet in London:
- bend sensors ordered
- all parts ordered (flexible wire, connectors, leds, resistors, RGB leds…???)
- pcb soldered and ready to go
- rachel has gloves made

Do in London:
- assembly of led, bs, motors, cuff

Assembled and tested PCBs:

Differnt battery meter LED combinations. The intended combination of orange/yellow/blue (left photo) dosn’t work because yellow LEDs are too dim. Orange/blue (middle photo) may work. The classic red/yellow/green (right photo) may also work though all three LEDs are dim:

Unpopulated PCBs - Main baord (x16), LED board (x32), Motor board (x32):

Battery with in-line switch (shrouded in sugru):

LED power status bar-graph colours:

Full -> Empty:

Seb’s board design for x-BIMU with x-OSC (on GitHub):

Male and female snaps soldered to a PCB:

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