3 AA Printed Case: Curvature Studies

3 AA Printed Case: Curvature Studies

No matter the final design, all the 3 AA battery cases require a comfortable fit to a wide range of wrists. The following imagery depicts the curve profiles tested.

summer14_mi.mu_doubleAbattery_secondround_017 summer14_mi.mu_doubleAbattery_secondround_018 summer14_mi.mu_doubleAbattery_secondround_019 summer14_mi.mu_doubleAbattery_secondround_0110summer14_mi.mu_doubleAbattery_secondround_0111summer14_mi.mu_doubleAbattery_secondround_0112



The two most promising contours were sent for test prints.

In the end, number 04 seems to be the best option! Future work is then based on the chosen profile.



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