My First Arduino Project

This is my first post my first post and the start of my first Arduino project!  Tom, Hannah and I met in my lab at the University to get started on the ArduIMU gloves.  Hannah had already written code for an Arduino Mini glove and made a demo video so we used this as a starting point.  Our first goal was to recreate this using the ArduIMU.  Hannah’s bar graph processing app wouldn’t work on my machine so I hacked an old C# app to plot the data in real-time.

Analogue channels AN6 and AN7 were initially providing a constant value of around zero, we quickly realised this is because these channel do not have internal pull-ups and so had to attached external 10k pull-up resistors.

Pull-up resistors on ArduIMU

Next we found that our tri-state method of doubling up our number of analogue sensors was coupling between measurements.  It was fairly obvious the method was flawed after we drew it out as a schematic so we abandoned it.  At the end of the day we had one ArduIMU glove sending bend sensor data over Bluetooth to my PC and plotting colourful graphs!

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