Hannah Perner-Wilson


Hannah Perner-Wilson is a futuristic DIY e-texile (electronic textiles) expert who combines conductive materials and craft techniques. She is developing new styles of building electronics that emphasize materiality and process, and publishes her research online to support her vision for “electronic diversity” or increasingly personalized technologies. She holds a BA in Industrial Design from the University for Art and Industrial Design, Linz and an MA in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab and forms the collective KOBAKANT with Mika Satomi.

As part of the Team she designed the initial glove patterns, sensor layout and soft circuitry, then worked with Seb to integrate bend sensors and LED/motor feedback with x-imu networks. She also helped Rachel with the circuit design for the bolero before programming it.

She has learned to make complex e-gloves (electronic gloves), finding reliable, durable and comfortable solutions for integrating standard electronic components on the body and is looking forward to be part of creating and customizing increasingly complex and capable versions of The Gloves for different artists and users.